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Name Degree Supervisor/s Title
S Bremner PhD I Govender, A Mainza A granular flow model of an annular shear cell
G Gakingo MPhil BD Reddy, M Macdevette The impact of thermophysiacl properties on nanofluid-based solar collector performance


Name Degree Supervisor/s Title
E Ssozi MSc J van Zyl, BD Reddy Effect of plastic deformation in pipe cracks on leakage response to variations in pressure
AEJ Bogaers PhD BD Reddy, T Franz, S Kok Efficient and robust partitioned solution schemes for fluid-structure interactions
IE Ireka PhD T Chinyoka Computational analysis of non-isothermal flows of non-Newtonian fluids
E Smuts PhD DA Deglon, CJ Meyer A methodology for coupled CFD-DEM modeling of particulate suspension rheology
MS Sirry PhD T Franz, NH Davies Computational biomechanics of acute myocardial infarction and its treatment


Name Degree Supervisor/s Title
K Sack MSc S Skatulla Biological tissue mechanics with fibres modelled as one dimensional Cosserat continua. Applications to cardiac tissue in healthy and diseased states. [link]


Name Degree Supervisor/s Title
H Appa PhD DA Deglon, CJ Meyer Numerical modelling of hydrodynimics, gas dispersion and mass transfer in an autoclave [link]
L Bbosa PhD I Govender Probability based models for the power draw and energy spectra of a tumbling mill [link]
M Dabic MSc D Deglon Simulation of fluid suspended particle behaviour subject to transverse standing acoustic fields [link]
I Donev MSc BD Reddy Time dependent finite element simulations of a generalized Oldroyd-B fluid [link]
S Goqo MSc RB Tait, BD Reddy, S Skatulla Fracture mechanics study of stress intensity factors using CFEM and XFEM
B Grieshaber PhD BD Reddy Locking-free discontinuous Galerkin methods for problems in elasticity, using linear and multilinear approximations [link]
D Kallon PhD I Govender Circulation rate modelling of tumbling mill charge using positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) [link]
R Omar MSc T Franz, H Krynauw, D Bezuidenhout Optimization of structural and mechanical properties of electro-spun biodegradable scaffolds for vascular vissue regeneration [link]
R Pauck MSc BD Reddy Computational analyses towards the design of biodegradable polymeric coronary artery stents
T Povall MSc BD Reddy, AT McBride Single-Crystal plasticity at finite strains: A computational investigation of hardening relations [link]
P Wise MSc T Franz, NH Davies Optimisation of hydrogel tharapy used in treatment of myocardial infarction


Name Degree Supervisor/s Title
M Bickell MSc I Govender Investigations into a positron emission imaging algorithm [link]
M Malahe MSc I Govender, A buffler A one-way coupled DEM-CFD scheme to mode free-surface flows in tumbling mills [link]
N Mangensana MSc I Govender In-situ characterisation of viscosity profiles in tumbling mills
J MBewu MSc BD Reddy, S Skatulla Computational modelling of cardiac function and myocardial infarction [link]
R Miller MSc T Franz, NH Davies A computational study of post-infarct mechanical effects of injected biomaterial into ischaemic myocardium [link]
HBH Mohamed PhD BD Reddy Properties of solutions of the equations of the generalised Oldyroyd-B fluids
R Rama MSc S Skatulla Local maximum entropy approximation-based modelling of the canine heart [link]
NJN Richardson MSc BD Reddy, AT McBride An investigation into aspects of rate-independent single crystal plasticity [link]
M Saleh MSc E Meintjes, NH Davies, T Franz Methods and adaptations required to perform small-animal MRI scanning using a large bore clinical MRI [link]
A Thiart MSc CJ Meyer A CFD study of fuel evaporation and related thermofluid dynamics in the inlet manifold, port and cylinder of the CFR octane engine [link]
J Waters MSc I Govender Viscosity characterisation in cyclonic separators



Name Supervisor/s Area of Research
P Singh BD Reddy Modelling of memory materials


Name Supervisor/s Area of Research
OP Layeni BD Reddy Partial differential equations and variational methods
M Kona BD Reddy Parametric instability of composite structures
D Legner S Skatulla, T Franz Computational cardiac mechanics